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We know how important it is for our guests that their trip is as sustainable as possible. At Dalriada we always look for the most eco-friendly options we can, from our energy usage to ensure a circular economy. When you stay with us you will find that:

  • We are proud to hold a Green Tourism “Gold” award – the highest level of award.

  • All of our guest information is available paper-free through the Dalriada digital app.

  • When building Dalriada we adopted green building standards including energy efficient insulation and making the most of our natural coastal lighting.

  • Your outdoor patio and the communal seating area at the top of the site blend with the natural surroundings and preserve the views of the amazing land and sea scape.

  • Our lodges are all fitted with an air filtration system, energy efficient appliances, lighting and thermostats to minimise energy consumption.

  • The lodges have dim night lights in each bedroom whilst operating at full power should there be a power cut.

  • We always consider our water consumption. We encourage our guests not to change linens and towels unless necessary and we have dual flush toilets throughout the site.

  • If you are arriving in your electric car, we have EV charging points fitted at each lodge and we can discuss with you how to use the Charge Place Scotland network as you tour around the region.

  • If you prefer two wheels, each lodge has a kit house where bicycles can be securely locked up. We can also recommend local e-bike hire from Bike Remedy and provide you with maps.

  • We always have up to date timetables for local public transport.

  • For those who want to see our area at a slower speed, we’re always on hand to give you information about walking and cycling routes.

  • We offer clearly labelled recycling bins for glass, plastic, tins and paper.

  • Each of our lodges has an eco sedum roof – enhancing oxygen levels, absorbing more carbon, improving thermal performance - in summer and winter - and encourages native biodiversity.

  • Each of our lodges has reusable jute bags for your local shopping trips.

  • In our own purchasing, we consider eco friendly supplies and we purchase Fair Trade where possible.

  • We also partner with local suppliers like the Stonehaven Golf Club, The Stonehaven Open Air Swimming Pool which is run by local volunteers, local boat trip organisers, water sport providers and local cafes and restaurants.

  • Morag and Hamish our Highland cow sculptures have been crafted from offcuts and salvaged materials including bike parts and whisky casks giving them a carbon neutral ‘hoof print’.

  • Where possible we always use local suppliers. Your breakfast packs come from McIntosh Donald Butchers in Portlethen and are packed with local produce.

  • Any tradesmen we work with are always from the local area.

  • We are happy to recommend local shops and farmers’ markets and gift shops where you can find the best of produce and local crafts.

  • Our landscaping around the lodges has been selected to require less watering and maintenance.

We monitor our performance and regularly look for ways to continue to improve our green credentials and love to receive guest feedback on this area of life at Dalriada.